Saturday, November 14, 2009

Vinha d’Alhos (Dad's Recipe)

My absolute favorite Portuguese dish... and it may be one of my favorite dishes of all time. It originally came from Portuguese immigrants that came from the Azores Islands, Portugal to Hawaii (my great-great grandfather Manuel Ignacio Souza was among these immigrants) to work in the sugar cane fields. In my Google search, it says this dish is known as "pickled pork" in America. It is also traditionally served during the Christmas season... I just assume eat it all year round... it's that good. ;-)


Pork butt (or any other fatty cut of pork)

Apple cider vinegar



Garlic (2 or 3 cloves)


Cut the pork into 2” chunks. Combine pork and all other ingredients into a large bowl. You need to just “eyeball” the amounts. Put the bowl of pork (covered) in the fridge over night. Stir every few hours.

When ready to cook, put pork in a baking pan and pour remaining vinegar mixture over it. Cook at 350 until the pork is cooked through and the liquid is almost gone. Pieces should be tender and juicy.

Thanks to my dad for preparing this for me when he and my mom were visiting!

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